Gooseneck Universal Tablet PC Mount

Product Description


 Gooseneck Universal Tablet PC Mount


Hapurs gooseneck universal tablet pc mount (Model No.: HPGTM01) with holders are ideal for tablet users, the compact design is easy to carry and can be mounted onto any windshield, desk, bed, chair and more, it allows for easy viewing and access to your tablet device, compatible with 8-12 inch "full diagonal" tablet pc even with case, including iPad, Samsung galaxy tab, etc. Sturdy gooseneck pedestal and 360 degrees rotatable design enable you to position your tablet device at  just the right distance and angle for convenient  viewing (vertical and horizontal) and operation. Secure and reliable! In a word,  this unit is nice for home, office, travel out  using, always let your life more convenient and relax.















Product Features:


1. Compact design gooseneck mount for most tablet is convenient to carry and easily mount or unmount

2. Universal mount suit for 8-12 inch "full diagonal" tablet (such as iPad, Samsung galaxy tablet, etc)

3. Holder can be 360 degrees rotatable and adjustable

4. Gooseneck is flexible with switching the screws 

5. Ball point design can rotate as your requirement




The tablet bracket holds two diagonal angle of the tablet, so it fits:


1. The minimum tablet support 8inch "full diagonal, not means the screen".

2. The maximum tablet support 12inch "full diagonal, not means the screen".

3. The maximum thickness of the tablet support 0.5 inch.




Installation instructions:



1. Find a right position to fix the gooseneck mount. A flat that thickness is less than 1.8 inch is a ideal position to clamp on, like the edge of the bed, table and desk, etc. Could stick firmly and strongly with screws.





2. Screw the cap nut from the tablet bracket, put it in through the gooseneck ball tip, then stick the ball tip into the bracket hole. Finally, screwed the cap nut with bracket  tightly and make sure the bracket won't drop out from the gooseneck ball.





3. The bracket is 360 degrees rotatable, adjust a comfortable position to read your tablet.