About Hapurs

At Hapurs, we make people-inspired products and solutions. For nearly 5 years it has been our passion and our mission to create products that make people's lives better, easier and more fulfilling. From bluetooth wireless products, to WiFi wireless, NFC wireless, 4G LTE wireless, and Smart Gagdet, Hapurs' products enhance the technology that let us have a wireless and smart life, activities and experiences we love...

At Hapurs, we can't exactly help you unwind, but we can make your tech gear that wirelessly to enjoy — and we do this with passion. Say goodbye to first world tech woes like cables intertwined and activities limited by cable's length. Say hello to wireless, smart life!

Founded by a group of spirited Youngers, Hapurs is a multinational team of techies. But don't let that fool you — we're customers too. We like to approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology, raise the bar, and make life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction — period. Our worry-free guarantee ensures you get quick, no-hassle service when you need it.

Our commitment to innovation, research and design has inspired over 100 products and 20 patented designs. From its humble beginnings in 2008 in Shenzhen China, Hapurs has grown the last 5 years to more than 1,000 employees and extended to 30 countries around the globe. Headquartered in Shenzhen China, branches in HongKong and USA.

Our Locations

Shenzhen Headquarter:

Shenzhen Hapurs Technology Co., Limited
6/F Minle Technology Building, No.3 Minle Industrial Park, Minzhi Longhua District Shenzhen 518131 CN

USA Branch:

Hapurs Inc
113 Barksdale Professional CTR Newark New Castle DE 19711 USA

UK Branch:
Hapurs Ltd
30 Ironmongers Place London England E14 9YD UK

HongKong Branch:

Hapurs Technology Co., Limited

Our Product Lines